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  • Baking Chic‘s Orange Cupcakes with Sweetened Condensed Frosting are a simple dessert that deliver some delicious flavors in a small package. The fluffy cupcakes are flavored with a generous amount of orange zest – two whole tablespoons – for a very fresh citrus flavor along with a little hint of vanilla. The sweet, orange-laced frosting is the kind that you casually spread on to your cupcakes, not the kind that you pipe elaborate decorations with. It ties in with the cupcakes perfectly in terms of flavor and also marks these as an everyday treat to bake, not one that you have to save for a special occasion.
  • There are a lot of great elements packed into these Coffee Heath Bar Crunch Swirl Cookies from Culinary Concoctions by Peabody. The swirled cookies have two different flavors of cookie dough rolled into one. Half the dough is spiked with instant coffee and the other half has melted chocolate and cocoa powder added to it. These doughs are rolled out together and topped with a generous sprinkling of finely chopped Heath bars before being rolled up and cut into buttery, swirling cookie rounds and baked.
  • Cinnamon rolls aren’t the only bun option at breakfast. Averie Cooks made some Strawberry Sweet Rolls that offer a fruitier option for summertime brunch. The rolls start with a soft yeast dough and are filled with strawberry jam. Use a high quality jam that features pieces of fresh fruit for the best effect. The jam intensifies in flavor as the rolls bake, leaving you with buns that are sweet and fruity, as well as fluffy and tender. They’re finished off with a drizzle of vanilla cream cheese glaze to take them over-the-top.
  • Gluten Free Canteen paired some summer fruit with a hint of apple in this Blueberry Apple Pie. The filling is mostly made with bright, sweet blueberries. There is a small amount of applesauce, which acts as a kind of binder for the filling in addition to providing a hint of apple flavor, and just enough cinnamon and lemon zest to make the berries pop. The rich filling is a great match for the pie’s crisp crust – which just happens to be completely gluten free! You could also package this filling in a traditional pie crust for those who don’t need to watch their gluten intake.
  • The Fudgy Fluffernutter Swirl Brownies that Chocolate Moosey baked recently are a slice of decadence. The rich chocolate brownies have peanut butter chips in them and are topped with a layer of marshmallow fluff and peanut butter – which give the brownies their fluffernutter name – before baking. The sweet-salty effect is delicious on its own and just might be even better with chocolate. It might get a little messy when you’re applying the marshmallow and peanut butter toppings to your brownie batter, but that is just part of the fun.

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  • Carla
    May 22, 2013

    Thanks for sharing my brownies! 🙂

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