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  • Crepe cakes are desserts that are made by stacking up layer upon layer of fresh crepes with some kind of filling to create a towering dessert that looks impressive, but is easier to make than it looks. The Hungry Artist‘s Amaretto Crepe Cake starts out with lots of homemade crepes, which are flavored with a little bit of almond extract. The crepes are layered together with an amaretto-spiked whipped cream, and once they have all been neatly stacked, the whole cake is frosted with the remaining whipped cream. Garnished with almonds for crunch, the dessert is light and flavorful, as well as being lovely to look at.
  • The Coconut Delight Oreo Fudge Chocolate Chunk Cookies from Baking and Boys offer a nice change of pace from your average chocolate chip cookie. These thick and chunky cookies are packed with shredded coconut, dark chocolate chips and Oreo cookies. The original recipe uses limited edition coconut Oreos, which add a little more coconut flavor to the cookies, but plain Oreos will still do the trick to introduce that cookies n’ cream element if you can’t find the specialty kind. Either way, you’ll get plenty of coconut flavor from the real coconut in the dough and you’ll get a dangerously addictive cookie.
  • Sweet Miscellany baked up a batch of Cardamom Peach Muffins to mark the end of the summer peach season. These muffins have a lot of great elements in them that make them unique, such as the the fact that they’re vegan and made with whole grain oat and spelt flours. The muffins are flavored with cardamom and are topped with some peaches that have been lightly poached in cardamom-spiked maple syrup to amp up their sweetness and tie them in with the rest of the muffins. Cardamom and peach is a great combination, as the spice tends to draw out the floral notes in the peaches and make them pop.
  • Most cookie recipes call for unsweetened cocoa powder and specifically state not to use hot chocolate mix, which already has sugar added to it. The Hot Chocolate Cookies that Dinners, Dishes and Desserts recently baked are an exception to that informal rule. These cookies use hot chocolate mix to infuse a hot chocolate flavor – not just plain chocolate – into them. Be sure to use a real hot chocolate mix for the best results in these, rather than one made with artificial sweeteners or other oddball ingredients, because you’re looking to capture the true flavor of the hot chocolate and not shave a few calories off of this recipe. Chocolate chips and mini marshmallow bits finish off the hot chocolate feel of these cookies.

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  • Katrina
    September 12, 2012

    Thanks for the link love, Nicole!

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