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Holiday Rocker Cookie Cutters

Holiday Rocker Cookie Cutters
Cutting out Christmas cookies can be a very fun job, but it can also become a very tedious one if you bake a lot of cookies for the holidays. It is fun to roll out the dough, cut your cookies and decorate them, but when you start to work in bigger batches you will find that you face problems like keeping the cookie cutters from getting sticky and trying to get a good arrangement with different shapes so that you have a nice variety of cookies. And, frankly, if you do more than a couple dozen cookies, your hands will get tired.

I spotted these neat Holiday Rocker Cookie Cutters in Williams Sonoma recently and liked how they helped to streamline the cookie cutting process. The cutters are set in wide, curved tools that you can just rock across your dough – like a rocking chair – cutting five cookies out at a time. They’re set close together, so there is minimal space between the cut-out cookies, so you will fit more cookies into each batch of dough with less re-rolling – and spend much less time wondering how you are going to puzzle all of your cookie cutters together to mazimize the number you can fit on one piece of dough. There are two cutters in each set, and each of them has five different cookie designs: The red rocker includes Santa, a Stocking, a Christmas Tree, a Candy Cane and a Holiday Tree Light, while the green rocker has a Gingerbread Boy, a Gingerbread Girl, a Snowman, a Snowflake and an Ornament. With a set like this, you will have a lot more time to spend decorating, since you’ll spend a lot less time cutting out those cookies. The set also includes with stencils to help you decorate the shapes you cut, too.

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  • Im At Home Baking
    December 6, 2012

    Ohh how I would LOVE to have this, especially this time of year!!

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