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Nordic Ware Easter Bunny Cake Pan

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Nordic Ware Easter Bunny Cake Pan
It has been many years since I believed there might be even a hint of truth to the story of the Easter bunny hopping into my yard and hiding eggs for me to find on Easter. The Easter bunny remains a holiday staple, however, in bakeware like this Easter Bunny Cake Pan from Nordic Ware. The pan allows you to easily create a three dimensional, bunny-shaped cake that stands up on its own to serve both as a dramatic centerpiece and as dessert. The cake is baked in two parts – the right and left sides of the bunny – and there is enough weight in the base of the bunny and his Easter basket to allow the bunny to balance. To assemble the cake, you need to level the unshaped sides of the cake with a serrated knife after the cake has completely cooled, then use some frosting to cement the two halves together. Royal icing is a good choice for this because it dries so firmly, but thick buttercream will work well and will double as a filling for the cake.

The pan is made of heavy duty cast aluminum that is going to give the bunny baked in it a golden brown finish. This makes the finished product look great and really lets the details of the bunny stand out. Once the cake is assembled, it can be dusted with confectioner’s sugar or completely frosted with colored icing to serve. Don’t forget to tuck some little candy eggs or carrots into the bunny’s basket before putting your cake on display!

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