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Sweet Spirits Dia de Los Muertos Cookie Cutters

Sweet Spirits Dia de Los Muertos Cookie Cutters
The Day of the Dead is a traditional Mexican holiday where family and friends gather to remember and celebrate the lives of lost loved ones. The holiday and other similar traditions are celebrated in other cultures around the world, but the tradition in Mexico is said to go back centuries. It is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd with colorful decorations and festivals. One of the most widely recognized is the sugar skull, an elaborately and colorfully decorated skull used for decoration during the holiday.

These skulls can range in size from tiny to life-size and are usually decorated with lots of brightly colored frosting. They’re edible, but they’re not nearly as delicious as cookies made with these Sweet Spirits Dia de Los Muertos Cookie Cutters would be. These are double-sided cookie cutters that make baking sugar skull-inspired cookies easy. They have a skull shaped cookie cutter on one side to cut out the outline of your cookie and a very detailed stamp on the other side that will imprint a detailed sugar skull pattern on the other side. The stamps are pretty enough that these cookies don’t need any additional decorations, but you can flood the imprints with brightly colored frosting to capture even more of the colorful Dia de los Muertos spirit.

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1 Comment
  • Marie
    October 17, 2013

    hey..I love these cookie cutters… I am using them to make Halloween pendants, made with “bakers” clay.. some with glitter,some colored with felt markers.. ooh…I guess you could sprinkle the cookies with colored sugars….. I will try that next…fun…

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