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Wilton Waffle Dipper Pan

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Wilton Waffle Dipper Pan

A freshly cooked waffle that is crisp on the outside and both moist and tender inside is one of the best breakfast foods that you can eat, especially if you happen to have a bottle of maple syrup ready to serve with it. The downside to making waffles at home is not that the processes is time consuming to make one waffle, it is that it is time consuming to make a whole batch of waffles. Waffle makers typically cook just one waffle at a time, which means that you need to cook one after another after another if you have a group to serve. Waffles can be made and stored in a low oven for a few minutes until they’re ready to serve, of course, but this little problem was the inspiration behind an unusual new pan from Wilton.

The Waffle Dipper Pan bakes 18 small waffles in a pan that looks like it could be used to make some unusually shaped cupcakes. Each of the cavities of the pan has that classic waffle grid pattern on the base, and has a nonstick coating for an easy release. You simply pour your waffle batter into each cavity and bake until golden. Your waffles will only have one side with the “grid” while one side remains plain, but you will have a whole batch of finger food-sized waffles ready all at once. For weekend breakfasts at home, a traditional waffle iron is still going to give you the very best results if you can eat them when they’re hot off the grill. But if you’re putting a big brunch out for a group, or serving some hungry kids, you just might start to see the appeal of having an option to make a lot of smaller waffles all at once. And don’t forget that because this is a regular baking pan, you can always use it to bake up some brownie or blondie bars if you’re not baking waffles!

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