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  • Strawberries aren’t the only option for making shortcakes this summer. Any fresh berries will do, and Christie’s Corner put a delicious twist on the strawberry shortcake by making Blackberry-Lime Cornmeal Shortcakes. The biscuit-like shortcakes are very light and tender, thanks both to a generous amount of butter cut into the dough and to the presence of cornmeal. The cornmeal contributes to the lightness of the biscuits and also adds a little texture to them. A little bit of lime zest gives the biscuits a zesty flavor, too. The biscuits are filled with lime-macerated blackberries and homemade whipped cream. The biscuit recipe can be adapted for use with any fruit, and this is a great base recipe for summer desserts.
  • Biscoff spread is one of the most unusual, and most addictive, spreads out there. Even though it is cookie-based, it is just as versatile as peanut butter and Nutella are, and can be used in a wide variety of recipes. You can easily get a Biscoff fix with a batch of No-Bake Chocolate Biscoff Bars, which Sweetest Kitchen made recently. The base of the bars is made with Biscoff and graham cracker crumbs for a crunchy, simple base. That layer is topped off with a thin layer of dark chocolate – also spiked with biscoff – to give the bars a beautiful finished look and a little bit more of a bittersweet, grown up flavor to contrast with the lower layer.
  • Ezra Pound Cake put together a decadent looking Nana Pudding from Back in the Day Bakery. This old fashioned dessert is given a makeover in this recipe to use all homemade ingredients. Vanilla wafer cookies are replaced with homemade shortbread, and whipped topping is replaced with real whipped cream. The pudding is silky and rich, too, made with lots of egg yolks, half n’ half and sweetened condensed milk.  And you can’t forget all of the fresh bananas in the dish, either. It’s decadent, but it’s decadent comfort food, and worth every bite.
  • Cherries are in season and there are all kinds of desserts that you can make with them. Pies and cobblers are classics, but Rosewater and Thyme‘s Cherry Almond Sorbetto is a simpler cherry dessert that is perfect for hot summer weather. The sorbetto starts with lots of fresh cherries. Ranier cherries will give the sorbetto a lighter color, but you can make this with black cherries, as well. The cherries are sweetened with sugar and a bit of almond extract, which makes the cherry flavor really pop, and the base is frozen until it is firm. Sweet and refreshing, this is a must-try for cherry lovers on a warm day.

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