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  • Cookie Monster Cooking‘s Brownie Sandwich Cookies are like making your own Halloween Oreo’s because these chocolate sandwich cookies have a bright orange filling that is perfect for celebrating Halloween. Unlike Oreo’s, however, the cookies are fudgy and brownie-like, delivering a lot of chocolate flavor. The filling is a simple vanilla buttercream that is a nice contrast for the richness of the cookies. A few drops of orange food coloring give these their Halloween color, but in the off season you can leave it out and serve them as black and white cookies.
  • Nourished Kitchen made some Honey Caramel Apples using homemade caramel that featured honey instead of plain sugar. The honey lends a lot of flavor to the caramel and makes for a change of pace from other caramels. The most eye-catching thing about this recipe, however, is the use of natural tree branches as the sticks for the caramel apples. You’re not going to want to use just any old stick for this, of course, but they give the apples a rustic and spooky look that is perfect for the season.
  • Halloween Mummy Cakes from Zoe Bakes are spooky single-serving cakes that fit Halloween to a “t.” The individual coffin-shaped cakes are cut out of one large sheet cake using a coffin-shaped cookie cutter (or a knife). The cakes are vanilla, and each one is enrobed in chocolate ganache after it is cut out. To finish, a mummy-shaped blob of raspberry buttercream is piped on top of the cake and then covered up in vanilla mummy wrapping, so you get an unexpected burst of flavor when you bite through each mummy.
  • Bittersweet‘s Sriracha Pumpkin Seeds are a spicy treat to enjoy when you get tired of indulging in chocolates and other sweet Halloween treats – and you can use the seeds leftover from carving jack o’lanterns to make a batch! The raw pumpkin seeds are tossed with black and white sesame seeds, sriracha, olive oil and salt before being baked until they’re toasty. You can adjust the heat level by adding a bit more or a bit less of the sriracha to make sure that the seeds suit your tastes, too.
  • An easy Halloween cookie decorating  idea comes from Annie’s Eats. Her Blood Splatter Cookies are iced butter cookies that are splashed with bright red frosting that falls in drips and splats that look a lot like blood spatter! You can use the technique with many different flavors of cookie dough, but you’ll want to keep the icing white for maximum contrast. These should make any vampires you might meet on Halloween very happy – and fans of the TV show Dexter happy, too.

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