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How to roll out pie dough (video)

Rolling out pie dough
There are two things that would be pie-bakers find to be intimidating: making the pie dough and then rolling it out. The technique used for making pie dough – cutting butter/shortening in to a flour mixture – is used for many types of baked goods, including scones and biscuits. The technique for rolling out pie dough is really only used for making pies. Fortunately, if you have a little flour, a flat work surface and a rolling pin, you are ready to make it happen.

I put together a demo video showing how to roll out pie dough to make a single crust pie. The demo walks you through rolling out the dough, transferring it to a pie pan and crimping the crust. When you roll out your crust properly, you’ll get a better fit in the pan and better results with your finished pie, because you’ll reduce the risk of the pie crust shrinking or pulling away from the pan during baking. Once you have your pie crust rolled out, here are a few more pie how-tos that should come in handy:

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  • Aly
    November 9, 2012

    Super helpful video! I always have trouble with sticky dough, transferring it to the plate, and crimping. I can’t wait to try these tips next time. 🙂

  • Nancy @ gottagetbaked
    November 13, 2012

    This is an invaluable video! I’m bookmarking it so that I can refer to it again and again. Pie crust is my baking arch-nemesis – I never get it right! Thanks so much for putting this together.

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