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Nordicware Shortcake Basket Pan

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Nordicware Shortcake Baskets
Many grocery stores sell premade shortcake cups made from plain sponge cake are intended to be filled with fresh fruit,  ice cream or whipped cream.These cakes are handy when you’re looking for a base to use for a strawberry shortcake, but they’re not usually all tasty on their own. Nordicware’s Shortcake Basket Pan lets you make this same type of design with a from-scratch recipe for a beautiful and delicious finished product. The pan bakes six cavities, each of which has a detailed basketweave pattern on the outside and a shallow cavity waiting to be filled on top.

The pans are made of cast aluminum and have a nonstick coating inside to help the cakes slide out easily. There is enough detail on this pan that it would be a good idea to lightly grease and flour the cavities to ensure that they come out cleanly. One very nice feature of the pans is that they have handles at either end that makes them easier to grip and remove from the oven. You can bake just about any type of cake in these baskets, so choose something that suits your fillings. Both lemon and chocolate cakes go well with strawberries, though the butter cake recipe that comes with the pan is also a good place to start.

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