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Chefn’ Sweet Spot Ice Cream Slab

Chefn' Ice Cream Slab
Homemade ice cream is a wonderful treat, however you really need to have an ice cream maker in your kitchen arsenal in order to get the best results when you make it. There are some outstanding no-churn ice cream recipes out there, but as good as those recipes are, your ice cream options are much more limited when you don’t have an ice cream maker. There are many affordable ice cream machines out there, and there are also a number of ice cream machine alternatives that you can choose from if those traditional models don’t fit in your kitchen. One example of a non-traditional ice cream maker is the Chefn’ Sweet Spot. The slab is a very large, shallow bowl that allows you to make up to six servings of ice cream very quickly and easily, and in a very unusual manner.

The Sweet Spot slab needs to be frozen before use, just like the canisters used in many home ice cream machines. You simply pour a small quanity – enough for one serving – of well-chilled ice cream, gelato or sorbet base onto the slab and stir. The super-cold surface will cause the mixture to freeze very quickly, allowing your ice cream to be ready-to-eat within a couple of minutes! You can make up to six batches, one after another, before you need to refreeze the slab. There is a lot of waiting time before you can use it again, however six servings is about as much as most home ice cream recipes will make and you’ll actually churn your ice cream faster than you would have with a more traditional ice cream maker (though there is a lot more hands-on time required, since you need to do the “churning”).

This type of gadget allows you to very easily mix custom flavors and put on a bit of a show for your family while you make each separate batch. It is also handy if you prefer to churn just one or two servings at a time and don’t need to make a large quantity. The Sweet Spot will need up to 24 hours of freezing time before its first use, to ensure that it is cold enough, but its relatively flat shape means that it should fit in a freezer better than many canister models, so it can stay in the freezer all summer long and be ready for ice cream making at a moment’s notice.

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