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Small Talk Cake Server Set

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Small Talk Cake Server Set
To serve a cake, you really only need a knife to cut the cake and a spatula to transfer the slice to the plate. Any knife and spatula will do, although you will get better slices when you use better equipment. For instance, a butter knife isn’t going to give you the neatest slice of a layer cake even though it will get the job done. The Small Talk Server Cake Set is a lovely set of matching cake server and spatula that definitely get the job done well. The knife is 13-inches long, so it can easily cut through any size cake, and the server is 2 1/2-inches wide, so it can balance even generously cut slices.

The real reason that this set caught my eye is not that it is functional, but because it is lovely to look at. The set is made of stainless steel and brass, and the pieces are engraved with the phrases “First Come First Served” and “Let Them Eat Cake.” It’s the kind of set that makes a beautiful gift and as we’re coming into late spring/summer when there seem to be more weddings than other times of the year, I’ve been keeping my eyes out for suitable (and baker-friendly) gifts. The set is a little bit pricey, considering that you can slice up your layer cakes with cheaper knives, but as a gift for a cake lover, this one will be right on the money – and will definitely “let them eat cake.”

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