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Kitchen Kong Whisk

Kitchen Kong Whisk
In addition to your typical balloon whisks, you’ve probably seen whisks with corkscew loops, balls on the ends, and even balls in the center of the balloon. All of these whisk variations promise to help incorporate air into beaten ingredients faster and more efficiently than a regular whisk. What you might not have seen before is a Donkey Kong-inspired whisk like the Kitchen Kong Whisk .The whisk is made by Fred and features metal wire loops that enclose a silicone Donkey Kong look-a-like ape inside. The ape is supposed to help break up large chunks of a thick or dry batter, and prevent them from balling up inside of the whisk, in addition to looking pretty nifty when not in use.

Blame it on the fact that I played video games as a kid (and was not too shabby at Donkey Kong!), but this whisk just makes me smile! For most things – beating eggs, whipping cream – it is going to act exactly as a normal whisk would. The ape may help break up dry batters when the whisk is in use, but this is one kitchen tool that I would happily admit to buying just for the fun of it.

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1 Comment
  • Sierra
    February 24, 2012

    That whisk is just too rad for words, love it!

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