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Snowman Cake Pop Pan

Snowman Cake Pop Pan

The holiday season is the best time of year for doing a little extra decoration when you’re baking. Everyone is in a festive mood and it starts to seem like every dessert can use a little extra something special. Cake pops are often decorated, no matter what season they’re made during, but this cute Snowman Cake Pop Pan will give them even more holiday character. The cake pop pan is a two-part pan that snaps together after cake batter is added to the snowman-shaped cavities on one side. During baking the cake rises up to fill the top half of the mold, leaving you with a tiny snowman-shaped cake. You can also use the pan to simply mold the cake+cake frosting variety of cake pops, although it very nice to be able to bake lighter all-cake pops in a pan like this one. The finished pops can be dipped in chocolate or in a candy coating and decorated to dress them up even more.

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