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Wilton 5 Layer Heart Cake Pan Set

Wilton 5 Layer Heart Cake Pan Set

Wilton makes some great products for cake bakers and decorators, whether you only bake during the holidays or do it on a daily basis. They’re always coming out with interesting shaped pans that allow you to make impressive and fun cakes easily. I’ve really enjoyed working with their 5 Layer Cake Pan Set, which allows you to easily make an impressively tall layer cake, so it should be no surprise that their new 5 Layer Heart Cake Pan Set also caught my eye. As the name suggests, this set includes 5 heart-shaped pans. The pans are all about 6 inches in diameter and are evenly sized so that the cakes baked in them will stack together neatly. While a 6-inch cake may not sound particularly wide, the appeal of this cake pan set is that it allows you to make a very tall layer cake out of one single cake mix or standard cake recipe. The batter is divided into the nonstick pans and baked (the baking time is relatively short), then the cakes are cooled and ready to be stacked up high with your favorite frosting. When it is finished, the cake will stand higher than it is wide!

Since these pans bake heart-shaped cakes, a dessert made from this set will be ideal for Valentine’s Day desserts or for any occasion you might want to celebrate with your sweetheart.

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