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  • The 4th of July may be over for this year, but that doesn’t mean there is any reason wait another year to try a neat looking red, white and blue dessert like How to Eat a Cupcake‘s Patriotic Poke Cake. This type of cake is one where brightly colored Jello is poured over a white cake that has been poked full of holes, allowing the colorful gelatin to saturate the cake. This recipe starts with a lovely from-scratch white cake that provides the blank canvas on which the red and blue colors really shine. It’s definitely a fun change from the usual layer cake!
  • When a recipe has “uncomplicated” in the name, you just know that it is worth putting on the short list of things to try at home. That might be why Food Gal was tempted to try this Uncomplicated Fruit-Topped Yellow Cake in the first place! The light cake is packed with fresh blueberries, making it seem a bit like a giant, moist blueberry muffin. You can also substitute other kinds of fruit into this recipe, using raspberries, plums, peaches and other favorite fruits for variety.
  • Fresh strawberries can go into so many different desserts, and cupcakes are no exception. Daily Nibbles managed to pack more than a cup of strawberries into these Strawberry Cupcakes. The trick here is to puree the strawberries – down to 3/4 cup in this case – so that they can be incorporated into the cake batter without simply stirring in chunks of fruit. A little bit of food coloring helps the red come through, although you cakes will still have a nice pink hue without it.
  • You don’t even need a recipe to make Fresh Fruit Popsicles like Dandysugar did over the weekend. All you need to do is puree some of your favorite fruit, add a little bit of sugar to sweeten up the puree to a dessert-like consistency, then pour the mixture into your favorite molds and freeze. The little bit of added sugar will keep the popsicles from turning completely into ice cubes and will also bring out the fruit flavors a little more, as flavors can be a little bit milder after freezing. You can blend the fruits together or keep the separate for beautifully colored pops.
  • I am a fan of Cherry Garcia Ice Cream, which includes black cherries and chocolate chips, so naturally Craving Chronicles‘s Roasted Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate caught my eye. This ice cream has a neat twist to it: the cherries are roasted before they go into the rest of the ice cream to give them an even more intense flavor. You can even make a double batch of the roasted cherries and serve them alone, putting them on a scoop of your favorite ice cream or matching them with whipped cream to serve atop another favorite dessert.

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