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Wilton 3D Skull Pan

Wilton 3D Skull pan
Ghosts, jack o’ lanterns, witches and skeletons all say Halloween, and as far as baking pans go, not many of them say it louder than Wilton ‘s 3D Skull Pan, which will create quite the centerpiece if you’re looking for a creepy cake to make this Halloween. The pan bakes a well proportioned skull that grins up at your from its place on the serving plate. Cleverly, the face of the cake is angled upwards, so you can easily see all the the skull’s features and can easily decorate it. The nonstick pan holds 10 cups of batter and bakes the cake in two halves, which are easy to stick together with a big dollop of icing (or a short skewer or two) before decorating or serving.

I’ve had good success with Wilton’s 3D Dimensions pans in the past. Cakes tend to come out easily and they really take on the shape of pan, so you won’t end up disappointed with fuzzy details. Not Martha managed to find one of these pans in her area and made a tasty looking pumpkin cake with it, if you want to take a peek at how the finished cake looks.

I’ve seen this pan in several craft/cake decorating stores in my area, including Jo-Anne Fabrics and Michael’s, but it appears to be sold out many places online. There are some online stores where you can buy it, although checking out local places instead of ordering online might be the best way to go as it gets closer to Halloween.

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  • Jessika
    October 15, 2010

    There’s a silicone baking form made by Lekue, a 3D pumpkin. it turns out VERY cool.

  • Mary @ Bites and Bliss
    October 15, 2010

    hahaha I love cake molds- they’re always so fun 😛

  • Chris Humphrey
    December 16, 2010

    I am looking for medevil, fantasy, and horror style cake and bundt pans. I love castles and would love to impress my new clientele with something off the wall! Also, can you or someone you know create a specialty pan if you had a “Silk Screen Diagram?”
    I would love to have a cake pan that personifies my music company’s logo. Please contact me at your earlies convenience. Thanks for your time.

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