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Tovolo Spooky Monster Cookie Cutters

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Tovolo Spooky Monster Cookie Cutters

Halloween is such a fun holiday for baking. Not only do you get to play around with all the delicious flavors of fall, but you get to play around with funky garnishes, outrageous colors and offbeat designs that you wouldn’t use the rest of the year. A great example of this is the set of online here) from Tovolo. The set includes one round cookie cutter and three reversible stamps that you can use to imprint your cookies and give them a distinctly Halloween design. The stamps include: a ghost, Frankenstein, a cat, a skeleton, a monster and a mummy. Simply use the round cutter to stamp out the outline of your cookie, than press the stamp of your choice firmly into the dough. I prefer to use the stamp while the outer cutter is still in place, to prevent the cookie dough from spreading too much. The finished designs are bold, fun and ready for decorating. Use colored icing to fill in the stamped design and give your cookies a unique finishing touch.

The stamps, which are machine washable, stack neatly inside the circular cookie cutter for easy storage. The plain cutter can also be used for cutting out all kinds of cookies (and perhaps even scones) when your Halloween Stamps aren’t in use.

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