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Food from Spain: Gazpacho at McDonalds

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McDonalds in Spain

In Spain, many restaurants are close from 4pm to about 8pm, as lunch ends at 4 and dinner doesn’t start until after 8 (bars open later/earlier and serve tapas, of course). This wouldn’t be too much of a problem…. except when you’re a tourist and forget that you won’t be able to find many food options after spending that extra hour at a museum and are starving at 5:30pm.

This is how I found myself in a Spanish McDonalds. I was actually very surprised to see it because I was in the smallish town of Ronda in southern Spain, but the town is a big favorite with tourists – hence the fast food. After I got over my surprise, I was happy because, as I said, I was very hungry. I got a burger, split some fries and absolutely couldn’t resist trying the gazpacho that was on the menu. It’s made specifically for McDonalds by a company in Spain and cost about $3 or so for a generous serving. It was pretty good – fresh, with a nice tomato flavor and a hint of spice. Heck, I would order it if it were on the menu here, too!

Gazpacho at McDonalds

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  • Mercedes
    June 8, 2010

    LOL, definitely an anecdote for a foreigner! it’s a “go local” thing they have over here. My american friends flipped when I told them you could get beer at McDonalds also, at least last time I was there… It has been a long time since then. Anyways… I’d rather have my daily fat portion with good San Ginés Churros and chocolate than with greasy McDo burguer…
    You seemed to do realy good around here!!!! Glad you enjoyed my country!

  • manzana
    June 8, 2010

    It’s funny to see these things from other’s point of view. I’ve never realized about gazpacho in McDonals before. It’s true once summer starts in Spain, every place offers gazpacho as an option 🙂
    In Greece my surprise was to see squids in the menu and dishes and cutlery for every menu!
    I’ve been told in China you have rice to choose!

  • beijing
    June 16, 2010

    FYI, no rice in China.

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