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  • Filled cupcakes are, perhaps, the best type of cupcake for frosting fans who just don’t think that there is enough to go around when the frosting is only on the top of a cupcake. But how about improving a basic filled cupcake recipe with a jolt of caffeine? 17 and Baking made up a batch of Caddeine Spiked Mini Hostess Cupcakes. These chocolaty little cupcakes have espresso in the batter and also have an infusion of coffee flavor in their filling, and they’re covered in a rich ganache. They’re bite sized, too, and perfect for snacking.
  • Any fan of pecan pie is going to love a batch of Ina’s Pecan Squares, which ButterYum recently made. These buttery bars have a shortbread base and a topping made with honey, brown sugar, pecans and both orange and lemon zest. The only tricky part of the recipe is choosing the right sized pan, because the pan recommended in the original recipe was no where near tall enough to hold all of the cookie mixture! Try breaking this down into two 9×13-inch pans. You’ll have a lot of bars, so save this recipe for an occasion where there will be lots of people around – like a bake sale or the Super Bowl.
  • Another interesting bar recipe takes its inspiration from a favorite candy bar. Mangio da Sola made some Millionaire Bars that are very similar to homemade Twix candy bars – only with a much more interesting twist on the flavors in the bar. It starts with a buttery shortbread base that is topped with homemade dulce de leche, rather than a plain caramel. Each bar is cut into sticks and dipped in chocolate, completing the candy bar look.
  • I’m a big fan of s’mores, so naturally any recipe that involves them is going to catch my eye. The Reeses S’mores Cookies at Une-deux senses were no exception. These cookies definitely capture the flavor of s’mores, and have the added indulgence of included chopped up peanut butter cup candies in them! The cookie dough has graham cracker crumbs added to it, giving them a chocolate chip cookie-look, but a rounded honey graham flavor. Mini marshmallows, peanut butter chips and, of course, peanut butter cups complete the cookie. For the best looking cookies, try to make sure that some of the marshmallows make it to the top and don’t end up buried beneath the rest of the cookie dough.
  • Food Gal‘s Cinnamon Apple Yogurt Muffins will fit the bill perfectly if you like your muffins packed full of good things like apple chunks and nuts. The muffins get a lot of moisture from Greek yogurt, which is used instead of buttermilk or sour cream (which appear frequently in muffin recipes). They also have a crunchy topping made from brown sugar and cinnamon. These muffins will keep well for a couple of days, and I imagine that they’ll toast up nicely in an oven or toaster oven, so even leftovers will make a warm morning treat on a winter day.

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