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Stage a scary halloween dinner

Stage a scary halloween dinnerDesserts are the best part of a Halloween party for me- after all, it’s a holiday that is essentially based around sugar, isn’t it? Aside from the desserts, I usually stick with “real” foods and make burgers or something else that is easy to cook and serve, especially if there is a crowd. I do like to add to the atmosphere by putting a chunk of dry ice into a bowl of punch, but it’s possible to really go all out for the holiday and make a whole spooky supper, in addition to serving spooky sweets.

This Cannibal-themed Halloween Supper is easily the creepiest and the most creative Halloween food array I’ve ever seen, and it included appetizers and drinks, a main course and dessert. Appetizers included “chilled brain spread” and “peppered people pate,” both of which were fairly ordinary chip dips dressed up with some simple sculpting and the addition of fake eyes and teeth (which gave the impression that the pate was ” the result of something that fell into a meat grinder). The mains included edible gelatin “Eyes in Blood Sauce”, a “Brain on a Pate” made from sculpted mashed potatoes and a really well presented “Roasted Long Pig” – a pork roast served from inside a fake skeleton’s rib cage! Dessert of a “Chilled, Bloody Heart,” that oozed blood all over the place when it was sliced into (much like my vampire cupcakes, only much messier) is the finishing dish for this particular menu. It’s not a dinner for the faint of heart – but then again, if you’re not feeling a bit faint of heart around Halloween, perhaps you’re just not letting things get scary enough!

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