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Scary cupcake-theme Hallowen pumpkin!

Halloween pumpkin cupcake

Happy Halloween, everyone!

I hope you’re all done with your Halloween baking and are ready to sit back, carve a pumpkin and eat some candy this evening. My pumpkin this year had a definite baking theme: a skeletal arm holding up a cupcake. It was fairly easy to carve using a fine-blade pumpkin knife (one of the really, really thin ones). There are two tricks to making the design come through clearly. The first is to thin the wall of the pumpkin by scraping it from the inside when you’re hollowing it out. A thinner wall is easier to cut through. The second is to cut off the excess pumpkin from behind the design once the design is in place. Making each of the holes less “deep” lets more light through in the end and makes your design much clearer.

If you want to try your had at carving this pumpkin, I made up a template for it that should fit against most medium-large pumpkins (anything where the carving space is about 8-in by 8-in. Draw it onto your pumpkin with a red sharpie (it won’t show up when the lights are out and the pumpkin is lit) and cut out the pieces marked in yellow on the template. Don’t forget to toast your pumpkin seeds for a little Halloween snack, too!

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  • Bridget
    October 31, 2008

    That is really cool! 🙂

  • Lisa magicsprinkles
    October 31, 2008

    Only you could work baking onto a pumpkin so successfully. Really great work!

  • Cakespy
    October 31, 2008

    It’s official: You are the coolest. I love this!!

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