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Zoo Pops

Zoo Pops

Summer is officially over, as of a few days ago. Fortunately, a mark on a calendar doesn’t mean that we get an instantaneous change in the seasons, so there is still time to enjoy the rest of the warm weather while it lasts. Ice cream, frozen yogurt and popsicles are all still fair game – although it would have been nice to get a set of these adorable Zoo Pops a little earlier in the year.

These popsicles are shaped like zoo animals: a lion, a polar bear, an elephant and a monkey. While not drawn to scale, the details on the animals are great, giving them a much fancier look than your average popsicle. Complex shapes like these wouldn’t really work in a standard popsicle mold, so the molds for these popsicles are quite unique. Each one stands alone and opens a bit like a book to reveal the animal shape inside. The halves of the mold are locked together before being filled with juice or some other popsicle base and frozen. The book is simply snapped open later to pop out the fully-formed shape, which means that not only do you get a cool looking treat, but there is no need to fight with the mold (dunking it in hot water, etc.) in an effort to pull a popsicle out for serving..

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