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Bug Pancake Pan

Bug Mini Pancake Pan

I was out shopping the other day when I came across Nordicware’s new Bug Pancake Pan. The pan was so cute, I almost couldn’t resist taking one home with me. The havy duty pan is nonstick and has silver dollar sized depressions for pancakes in each of seven designs: the dragonfly, snail, butterfly, ladybug, spider, bee, worm and beetle. The bugs are adorable and much closer to the big-eyed, plump Disney cartoon bugs than real ones. All you do is pour your pancake batter into the depressions, let the pancake set up, then flip them over to the other side to imprint them there, too. The design will come out much clearer on the first side of the pancake, but the nonstick pan gives a good release and it is easy to turn them over without any problems.

This pan would be great for making breakfast for kids. The cuteness of the bugs will appeal to some and the fact that they’re, well, bugs at all, will be great for other kids that aren’t into “cute” as much. Nordicware also makes a zoo animal pancake pan if you’re looking for another option.

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  • Claudia
    June 23, 2009

    How cool! They offer a holiday version of this pan, too. I like the monkey of the zoo pan and the bugs best. Kids will love that.

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