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Holly Leaf Loaf Pan

One easy way to get into the holiday spirit is by changing up your bakeware to something that is a little more festive than usual. A new loaf pan, for instance, will turn your usual banana bread into something worthy of a holiday party. This Holly Leaf Loaf Pan from Williams Sonoma is a great example of a pan that can dress up an otherwise plain loaf cake or bread for the season. The pan is made of heavy-duty cast aluminum and is in the shape of a giant sized holly sprig, complete with berries at one end. It may be a nontraditional shape, but it holds the same amount of batter as an 8×4-inch loaf pan (and most 9×5-inch loaf pan recipes don’t come to the top of that size pan and would be a good fit for this design without having to leave any batter out) and will have roughly the same baking time because it is only shallower by a fraction of an inch.

The pan has a nonstick finish, so your cake will release easily once it is baked, and all the details of the design will transfer clearly to whatever you bake. You can serve it as-is, or finish it off with a dusting of powdered sugar. If you’ve baked a dessert recipe, you can frost the cake with red and green to add a little color to the holly leaf design.

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