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Skull Cupcake Pan

skull pans

What could be scarier than a leering skull glaring up at you from your dessert plate? Actually, don’t answer that. I’m sure that there are many things, but that doesn’t stop me from liking these skull cupcake and skull cake pans as scary-fun Halloween accessories. The grinning skulls can be decorated simply, with a light dusting of powdered sugar to highlight their unusual shapes, or thickly layered with frosting to create something more spectacular. Keep in mind that the skull cake can (and cupcake pan) act just like a base for a lot of different spooky designs – zombies, vampires, witches, etc. – and not only as a plain skull. Wilton has a few ideas(pdf) that might come in handy for decorating these types of cakes.

And unlike most theme pans, these aren’t quite one-holiday unitaskers. You can make scary cupcakes for Halloween and less scary cupcakes for the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos). The holidays are right after one another, but that shouldn’t stop you from baking another batch of cupcakes. Or another cake. Besides, you can always pull your pan out again for National Talk Like A Pirate Day if you really need another occasion to justify getting one.

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