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Dove Milk Chocolate with Almonds, reviewed

be mischievous. it feels good.

 Dove has some new additions to their Promises line of individually wrapped chocolates out and since I think that more foods should come with fortunes (or “promises”), I had to give at least one of them a try. I opted for the Dove Milk Chocolate with Almonds.

The almond bits are actually pretty large and add a substantial crunch to the small piece of chocolate. It’s much better than having a huge chocolate covered nut to contend with (possibly my least favorite type of candy) but still pleasantly substantial, not lost in the chocolate. The chocolate, of course, is the usual creamy milk chocolate that Dove is known for – melts in your mouth, etc. – and is a good flavor match for the almonds.

I should qualify this review a bit by saying that I’m not normally a huge fan of almonds. I do like them in cookies, tartsand occasionally in other baked goods, but the almonds and chocolate combination alone is not going to be my top choice. For this reason, I think I’d like these slightly better if they had candied or toffeed almond pieces in them, more along the lines of some other chocolate bars I can think of. Of course, it’s probably better for me this way. If they did have the toffee almond bits, I think that the whole package might be gone by now.

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  • Abby
    October 16, 2007

    I’m a big fan of Dove’s dark chocolate pieces. I can eat one a day and be satisfied! Ok. Sort of.

  • Tiffany Jewelry
    April 9, 2010

    You post is very good!

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