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Bites from other Blogs

There were a lot of great recipes out there on the blogs this week and I’m not going to keep you in suspense any longer. Here are this week’s Bites from other Blogs:

  • Baking and Books has an outstanding looking Apple Honey Challah, made with dried apples and a touch of honey for sweetness. It looks like it would be good any time, but is definitely worth a bookmark if you’re looking for a new recipe to bring to a Rosh Hashanah celebration, for instance.
  • Speaking of apples, Elise‘s Apple Cobbler caught my eye, too. The cobbler is almost like a single crust pie, but with the crust on top of the apples, rather than below them. The biscuit-like dough is easy to work with, so this is a good recipe to practice your crust fluting technique with as you make it.
  • Tartelette made up a bunch of Baked Donuts, which not only look amazing, but are quite a bit better for you (nutritionally speaking) than regular deep-fried donuts.
  • Peabody enjoys pumpkin muffins both with chocolate chips and with raisins, and was inspired to combine the two to make Pumpkin Chocolate Covered Raisin Muffins, packed with chocolate covered raisins.
  • Desert Candy recently finished up a project that showcased 20 days of ice cream, with 20 entirely creative kinds of ice cream to try. Baklava Ice Cream or Key Lime Pie Ice Cream, anyone?
  • Finally, I’m throwing in this hot wing recipe from Pioneer Woman Cooks as a nod to football fans everywhere looking for that perfect snack food to much during the game. And, to those like my brother, who just adore good hot wings.

As much as I love candy corn, I’m not sure how I feel about Hershey’s new Candy Corn Kisses, which Cybele reviewed at Candyblog. They’re white chocolate kisses, dyed like candy corns and flavored with artificial butter flavoring, for some reason I haven’t quite been able to pin down. I’ll probably give them a try, but I’m already planning a batch of Candy Corn Cookies as a seasonal backup.

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  • AmyH
    September 12, 2007

    On a whim, I tried the candy corn kisses. I regretted it. I guess I expected them to taste like candy corn. I thought they were pretty bad, actually. At least the kids liked them. I’ll stick with regular candy corn and regular chocolate kisses.

  • coormsync
    November 14, 2009

    Hey there everyone i was just introduceing myself here im a first time visitor who hopes to become a daily reader!

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