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3D Halloween Cookie Cutters

3d halloween cookies

Halloween is not a holiday that is as baking/cooking oriented as some others are. The holiday prep in stores tends to focus on candy and decorations, and virtually no one would consider baking something homemade to hand out to trick-or-treaters (unless they were already quite familiar with the children/family in question) because the treat that they had worked so hard to put together would very likely be thrown away, untasted, by suspicious parents. But this year I’ve noticed that there are a few more Halloween-themed baking options than usual – a welcome development for someone like me who wants to do plenty of seasonal baking, for me, my friends and family, and is still planning to give out store-bought candy to any costumed kids who wander by on the 31st.These 3D Halloween Cookie Cutters are a new release from NordicWare, which has been expanding its line of 3D cookie cutters rapidly to include most holidays and seasons. The set includes 12 cutters to make 6 three dimensional cookies: a ghost, a pumpkin, a scary cat, a haunted house, a witch and a scarecrow. The cookies work because each shape is notched, and once the cookies are baked, you simply slide one half of a pumpkin cookie into its counterpart for a cookie that will stand on its own.

The only potential downside is that you really have to use the recipe that comes with the cookie cutters to guarantee success, but if you’re willing to take a chance on a few less-than-perfect batches, you can play around with flavors (adding spices, extracts, etc.) a bit for some variety.

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