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Travel break!

I am heading out on vacation for the next week and a half and – shockingly – am going somewhere where I will not have internet access! This means that I won’t be able to answer your comments or e-mails during this time. In fact, I will be disabling comments to keep the spammers at bay while I am gone. But don’t worry too much. Recipes and posts will continue as usual and you will be able to get a full serving of Baking Bites every day.

And to make sure you’re all still here when I get back, there will be a little surprise coming up on July 3rd that you’ll definitely want to be around for. See you then!

(Hint: Not to giveaway too much, but you might just win something!)

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  • JEP
    June 22, 2007

    Enjoy your vacation! Look forward the your surprise upon return. Love the variety your blog provides—excellent material.

  • Bendita
    July 5, 2007

    Costa Rica?

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