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Where to find old cookbooks

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A few weeks ago, when we all discussed our favorite first cookbooks, I was tempted to track down some of the favorites that you all suggested. The thing that put me off for the moment is the fact that it can be difficult to find copies of old, out-of-print cookbooks, especially if you’re looking for a specific book.

In the past, I’ve had great luck finding old editions and out-of-print books at used book stores. Part of the fun of shopping at one is that you can get great deals and you never know what will be in stock, so you can explore the cooking section looking for a good find. The downside to shopping at one is that you never know what what will be in stock, so you might not find what you’re looking for. In this case, a better resource might be OldCookbooks.com, a website dedicated to thousands of out-of-print, vintage and rare cookbooks. Effectively, they are searching the used book stores so you don’t have to – unless (like me) you want to, of course.

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  • LinC
    June 22, 2007

    OldCookbooks.com looks like a nice site for browsing, but if you know the name or author of an out-of-print book, you’ll get a much better deal by searching Abebooks.com. Abebooks is a consortium of used book dealers who post their lists on-line. The great thing is you can sort by price and comparison shop by described condition. I’ve bought tons of books from Abebooks without any problems. You order directly through their website, and the book is shipped directly from the used book store, wherever it is in the country. You know the name and address of the book dealer (usually a used book store) you are dealing with so you can pick one near you to lower the shipping costs.

  • miriam
    June 22, 2007

    two words–university libraries

  • Michelle
    June 28, 2007

    Some of my families favorite recipes come from really old cookbooks. I get a kick out of the advertisements as well and really enjoy browsing through garage sales and used book stores for these cherished relics.

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    July 9, 2007

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