I’m back… and brought a contest with me!

It was nearly two weeks ago that I mentioned I would be taking a little travel break and that when I came back, I would have a little contest to announce.

The contest is a simple one: all you have to do is guess where I was. Leave your guess in the comments section and the first person to guess correctly will win a cookbook, either one from the area of the world I just returned from (not giving it away yet!) or one of my favorite baking books – winner’s choice!

To help get you started, here are a few hints:

  • It took me over 9 hours by plane from Southern California to reach my final destination.
  • I hiked volcanoes in the mountains, snorkled from the beach and spent a good deal of time on a boat. I also saw lots of unusual animals and took over 1,100 photos.
  • Some of the foods I ate included: tropical fruits (mango, papaya, passion fruit, guanábana and tree tomatoes), yuca, plantains, tamales, humitas, cancha and ceviche.

Those should get you started, without giving too much away. The contest will continue until someone gets it right, and I’ll add some additional clues as time goes on if need be.

Update: We have a winner! Thanks for playing, everyone!


  1. changing my answer to Guatemala!

  2. wait, i’ll change it to argentina

  3. paraguay?

  4. or maybe venezuela?

  5. Marshall Islands?

  6. Trinidad and Tabago?

  7. Barbados?

  8. Saint Kitts?

  9. Antigua?

  10. Ok – I think we have pretty much covered the western hemisphere south of the US border…..please put us out of our misery.

    ps: aren’t tamales and humitas the same thing?

  11. galapagos!!

  12. Nicaragua?

  13. If you went to Ecuador then you also maybe went to Riobamba to hike the volcanoes.

    Oh, and Katie – tamales and humitas can be different, at least in Peru!

  14. Nice job everyone! We have a winner, so I’m closing comments on this thread. Stay turned to find out who it is!

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