Cook’s Country Reviews Handheld Mixers

Cook's Country Reviews Handheld Mixers

As much as I like my stand mixer, I find that I still use a hand mixer with great regularity. A hand mixer is great when you only need to mix up a small batch of something like brownies or cake and you simply don’t want to get out the big mixer. It can also be a good tool when you need to mix up multiple bowls and don’t have enough stand mixer bowls to go around. A good hand mixer should be versatile and easy to use, and the Cook’s Country test kitchen put them through their paces in a recent issue ( Dec/Jan 2015) in an effort to determine which mixers were the best.¬†They looked for mixers with open beaters (no central post inside the whisk) that wouldn’t catch food and that handled a variety of tasks – from mixing heavy oatmeal cookie dough to whipping a small amount of cream – with ease.

The test kitchen’s top pick was the Kitchenaid 5 Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer (which I have, incidentally), which “felt like the sports car of the group… powerful and well calibrated, nicely covering the range called for in recipes” and took home a “Highly Recommended” rating. Three mixers were “Recommended,” including the Cuisinart PowerSelect 3-Speed Hand Mixer – which was awarded a “best buy” due to its very reasonable under-$30 price tag – and the Cuisinart Power Advantage 7- Speed Hand Mixer, the test kitchen’s previous favorite. The Bodum Bistro Electric Hand Mixer was also “Recommended,” though the test kitchen noted that it was a bit more difficult to clean than the other models. Breville’s Handy Mix and Hamilton Beach SoftScrape were not recommended.

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