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Nordic Ware Snowman Cake Pan

Nordic Ware Snowman Cake Pan

A delicious cake makes the perfect holiday centerpiece, and when that cake just so happens to be baked in a shape that brings even more holiday spirit to the table, so much the better. This Nordic Ware Snowman Cake Pan is designed to allow you to bake an impressive three dimensional snowman cake that can stand dramatically in the middle of your dessert display. The pan has two cavities, one that forms the front of a snowman and one that forms the back. It might seem strange, at first, to have a pan that bakes only the back of a snowman, but these two cakes are designed to fit together after baking to form one amazing cake sculpture! The snowman stands about 10 inches high and has a fairly stable base. The two halves can be “glued” together with buttercream or ganache, and some should also be used on the cake stand to give the little guy a firm footing. The pan has a 10 cup capacity, which means that your favorite bundt cake recipes can be adapted for use in this design, though the baking time will be shortened because you will effectively be baking two loaves, rather than one large cake.

The pan is made of heavy duty cast aluminum and has a nonstick finish that will ensure that all the details of the snowman, from his carrot nose to the fringe on his scarf, come out cleanly. With a pan with this much detail, however, greasing and flouring it well before using it is still highly recommended. I would skip the cooking spray and instead brush in melted butter or shortening with a pastry brush to ensure that every nook and cranny gets evenly greased. It is worth putting in an extra minute or two of prep time to get perfect results at the end.

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