The Camera Lens Mug

The Camera Lens Mug

This is another post for foodies who like photography, hot on the heels of my quick review of The Food Stylist’s Handbook. It’s The Camera Lens Mug, which is one of the only ways I’ve ever seen photography and food literally combined. The mug is not made out of a real lens – which is good, because that would bump the price way up and be a waste of a nice camera lens – but it does look just like a real 24-105mm Canon DSLR lens. The cup body is plastic, but it has a rubber-grip focus, zoom rings, a switchable auto focus switch and even has a lens cap lid. It couldn’t get any more realistic unless it was attached to a camera body! The cup is lined with stainless steel and it is insulated, to help keep your drinks warm or cold.

Need some drink inspiration apart from coffee or tea? Try filling yours up with one of these:


  1. I love this!!!! I’m getting it for my husband.

  2. Cute! I can see my daughter loving this cup ~ She’s a major coffee drinker, and has a real interest in photography.

  3. Oh! Shhh…totally know who to get these for!

  4. I had seen that floating around previously (I think maybe on Boing Boing), but it is a cute novelty item. It wouldn’t match with any other dish or cutlery sets, though.

  5. Oh my word, I nearly had a heart attack when I saw that picture because I have the real version of that lens and it cost me a fortune! I thought someone had money to burn so thank goodness it’s only a mug – very convincing!

  6. That’s cute! I wonder if they have a Nikkor lens mug equivalent bc I’d buy that!

  7. that’s mug really cool !!
    i’ve another type of lens mugs, you can found at here

  8. Hi, where’d you get that from and how much for? It’s convincing and cool! :D I totally wanna get that.

  9. I found these on – I bought one for myself and a few friends that are into photography as much as me. I love finding Christmas gifts like this! Oh, here is the link for anyone who is interested:

  10. You can still buy these camera lens mugs at

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