The Food Stylist’s Handbook

The Food Stylists HandbookEvery food blogger, and food blog reader, can appreciate a well-styled food photograph and there are a good number out there who love food photography as a hobby and have dreamed about the possibility of becoming a food stylist. If you fall into either category, The Food Stylist’s Handbook is a book well worth reading.

The book is a completely guide to food styling and food photography and it takes you through not only the technical aspects of the work, but the professional aspects as well. It starts off explaining what goes into food styling as a career, discussing many of the things that food stylists can do, different niches in the industry and gives advice on both starting and marketing a food styling business. This part of the book is fascinating and will definitely give you a new appreciation for the work, as it is packed with tons of real life examples of photo shoots for print and TV. And it goes without saying that it’s interesting if you’ve considered getting into the industry.

The rest of the book is dedicated to the how-to of food styling, from putting together the perfect looking burger to scooping a flawless scoop of ice cream. There are many suggestions about what tools and products you might want in your “tool kit,” too. As you would expect from a book about food photography, the book is packed with excellent photos that show methods of preparation, different photography techniques and lots of “hero” shots of the finished product. It makes you hungry, and it also makes you want to play around with your own food – especially if you’re a food blogger already! It’s a great introduction to an industry that we all see every day but most of us don’t know that much about, and the book does a great job of making it sound and look as appealing as exceptionally styled food.

The authors of the book also have a blog, if you want to read about more of their on and off camera work!


  1. i definitely need to get my hands on a copy of this book because my food styling skills need some serious help! my roommate on the other hand loves this kind of stuff. while i just slap food onto a plate, she always takes the time to make it look aesthetically pleasing.

  2. I need this as soon as possible. I wish they sold it here! I’m gonna have to order it online. But it looks like such a great book, and the perfect oen for me! I need those “styling” skills.

  3. thanks for sharing, i’ll definitely check out that blog!

  4. Looks good – I imagine there’s some pretty ingenious tricks in there!

  5. Perfect timing! I’m struggling with my styling and pictures so this book looks like something I could definitely use. Thanks for the review!

  6. Thanks for the review! That’s definitely a book I could use. I’m checking out the blog now too. :)

  7. Thanks so much! It’s now on my Amazon wishlist :)

  8. Foods are eaten first by the eyes and every food blogger should know how to present a food in the most desirable way. Will surely be checking out the blog and see it I can put my hands on the book as well. Thanks for sharing!

  9. That book sound interesting and useful for me, or every blogger. I really need to learn to show food in a proper way.
    That could help to give a personality to a blog, I think.

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