How to make a root beer float

root beer float

¬†Although it was nothing in size compared to the record-setting Coke float, I guess you could say that I was just a little inspired by the giant ice cream soda because I decided to make myself a – much smaller – root beer float. Floats, and ones made with root beer in particular, pair perfectly with hot dogs, hamburgers and just about any other summer day when you feel like a regular soda isn’t quite indulgent enough.

Making soda into a float is not rocket science: start with a big glass, add a scoop or two (or three) of your favorite vanilla ice cream and pour over the root beer. There are a few tricks to making a good one, however. First, it is important to spring for a good quality ice cream, or even a gelato. The richer ice creams hold up to the soda, while cheap, over-aerated brands will dissipate quickly in the carbonation. Lower fat ice creams often contain water or ice and can even dilute the drink. Second, while it is nice to get a good head on top of the float, pouring technique is crucial to avoid getting a glass of foam. Put the ice cream in first, then pour the root beer gently down the side of the glass. As it fills up, pour straight down, allowing foam to form and top off the drink.

Finally, don’t forget to serve your float with both a straw and a spoon to get the most out of the treat!


  1. Creed mentioned rootbeer floats today too, oddly enough.

    Is there some root beer float holiday I’m not aware of?

  2. I like to start with a chilled glass or frosty mug. Can you recommend a good brand of rootbeer?

  3. Anna – If there isn’t, perhaps we should make this honorary float day!

    JEP – Excellent advice. As far as root beer brand goes, I like A&W from the mainstream brands and Hank’s is one of my favorites:

  4. Mmm…I think it just may be tip for a trip to the store to get some ice cream and root beer!

  5. No no no… foam on a root beer float is icky!
    And you forgot to swirl it all together a bit

  6. OK, you inspired me to make a trip to the store JUST for diet A & W root beer and B & J’s Vanilla ice cream. It’s SO darn good. :) (BTW, I love diet A & W.)

  7. this is so good

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