Carrot Cake Pan

Carrot Cake Pan

Fans of carrot cake might want to think about adding a new piece to their bakeware collection this spring. King Arthur Flour is offering this carrot-shaped (and carrot-colored) Carrot Cake Pan as a new item in their line. The pan couldn’t be cuter for a carrot cake.

It’s made of glazed stoneware, and while not completely nonstick, stoneware usually offers a quick release for baked goods. It holds as much batter as an 8 or 9-inch square pan, so recipes designed for those more traditional shapes are easily adapted to this pan. The best thing about this pan is its versatility. The stoneware is oven-, microwave-, freezer,-, and dishwasher-safe, and can be used for any kind of dish. A side of roasted vegetables – including some carrots – would look great both prepared and served in this dish all year round.


  1. Ohhh, this photo brings up all my frosting anxiety. Are you supposed to frost a cake in a pan? Aren’t you supposed to take it out of the pan to cool? Do you take it out of the pan, then put it back, if you want to frost it in the pan? I’ve got to take a sheet cake in to work tomorrow (a chocolate sheet cake to be covered with meringue buttercream/coconut frosting) and I sure would like to frost it in the pan, because that would make it far easier to transport. I’ll be serving it myself so I don’t have to worry about damaging the pan.

  2. I know many fans of carrot cake and this adorable pan is a perfect gift! Thanks :)

  3. I love this pan!! I can think of many uses for it..not just cake!!

  4. Emily – Don’t worry, you could let the cake cool in this pan. Many sheet cakes are cooled right in their pans, and you just add the frosting on top. No need to take it out first!

  5. Ha! I am feeling really silly reading this post. I bought a similar pan like this last year and never even thought of using it for cake…roasted carrots and even mac/cheese, but not cake. I am such a goof! It is a great pan, though! ;)

  6. This pan made me smile. Thanks for sharing!

  7. This is great! Carrot cake is my brother’s favorite and it would be so funny to make this for him.

  8. This is great! Carrot cake is my brother’s favorite and it would be so funny to make this for him.

  9. This is great!
    Carrot cake is my favorite.
    Thank you.

  10. I’m looking to bake a chocolate cake, and make it in the shape of a carrot without using a cake pan/mold in the shape of a carrot. In other words, I want to take a sheet cake, and carve it into the shape of a carrot. However, before I attempt to try this, I wanted to find a picture of one that’s been done before, so I can use it as a guide for cutting and decorating. I’ve searched the internet with every keyword and phrase I can think of, and I can’t find any pictures of a carrot shaped cake ANYWHERE! The closest I’ve come is this site, which only has the carrot shaped cake mold. So, I’m reaching out to everyone, asking for help in finding what I’m looking for. If anyone can help direct me to a web-page with a picture of a cake in the shape of a carrot (preferably a decorated cake), I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thanks so much everyone! I hope someone can help me!!

  11. I have to have that pan. With Easter coming up this would be the coolest thing ever!

  12. Well, Carot cake is a favorite one for me. But I can’t make it so far. Hope this guide will be a benefit for me.

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