Get-It Potholders

Get-It Potholders

I have had silicone potholders in the past, but I far prefer to use my more traditional fabric potholders. The standard silicone potholder tends to be little more than a smallish square of heat-resistant material, and even though they promise to deliver more protection from heat and a better grip, I always go back to fabric. The fabric potholders I have are also squarish, but they have pockets in their thick fabric that I can slip my hand into. I’ve never had a problem with grip and definitely feel that my hand is more protected inside the pocket than out and trying to hold onto the silicone potholders.

The isi Get-It Potholder is a silicone potholder with a unique design that fixes most of the problems that I have with silicone. Also a square of heat-resistant material, the Get-It has a raised knob that can slip between your fingers and give you a very secure grip on both the potholder and whatever you’re trying to grab. The knob can also act as a suction cup, so you can stick the potholder to the oven door and keep it handy. It still takes some getting used to over a fabric potholder that protects the tips of your fingers during use, but this is a big improvement and makes this simple design much easier to use.


  1. We use silicone mitts that have worked great for us. But it would be nice to offer something with a wider finger spread yet still protecting the fingertips.

    Do you know of anything like that?

  2. I quite like the plain ones myself, I tend to use mine as a pot stand to protect my counter (2 under trays) and they make stiff jars easier to open due to the excellent grip.

  3. Some of the best pot-holders I have ever used are made of leather – suede like. I bought them on-line at chefs catalog but they have been discontinued!

    Mary (Mary’s Nest)

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