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Igloo and snowman pans

shaped winter cakes

Shaped, holiday pans can be tough for a baker to resist, but let’s face it: how many times can you make a Santa-shaped cake? The window of opportunity to use a cake pan like that is very small, even if it does make an ideal cake for a Christmas Eve party. In terms of practicality, it is much more useful to have a pan that will work on more than just one occasion – and for ashaped pan, it’s ok if that means that you’ll only use it a handful of times a year.

These two seasonal pans really fit the bill: The Snowman Pan and the Igloo Pan are both winter-themed, rather than specifically Christmas-themed, and can easily be used until the final thaw in spring. The Snowman is baked in two halves, which are stood up and glued together with frosting to create the finished look. The Igloo pan is part of Martha Stewart’s baking line and is made of silicone to make it easier to pop the domed cake out of its mold. The Igloo can also be used for Jello, if you want to try to make a clear or blue igloo dessert.

Also worth noting is that after Christmas (and in some stores, before), these pans are on sale at really discounted prices, so you can get a good deal and still have a couple more months of winter to enjoy the cakes.

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