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Wilton Popsicle Cake Pan

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Wilton Popsicle Cake Pan

Popsicles are a refreshing treat during the summer, no matter what flavor you make. Wilton’s Popsicle Cake Pan definitely captures the look of this summer favorite – but in a form that you can bake with. The cake pan has six large cavities that are each shaped like a popsicle with a big bite taken out of it, which gives the popsicles a lot of character and makes the more fun to decorate than if they were plain. Each holds about as much batter as two muffin or cupcake cups, so it is easy to adapt recipes to work with this pan by extending the baking time slightly. The pan is completely nonstick to make it easy to unmold the cakes.

Decorating these cakes is the most fun part about the pan, although eating the finished product is a pleasure, too. The cakes can be covered in frosting, fondant or dipped into chocolate. They are thick enough that you could split them in half lengthwise and fill them with a layer of icing – or even ice cream, to make an ice cream cake pop. Insert a sturdy popsicle stick into the base to finish the look before serving.

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  • Martha in KS
    June 27, 2013

    The link for the grilled corn isn’t working.

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