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Food blogs can be dangerous things, as well as great resources. For instance, they can distract you from your work with mouth-watering photographs and drool-inspiring descriptions of food. The greater problem for me is that there are so many recipes out there that I want to try, that my “to do list” (not to mention my bookmark folder) is a little out of control. To resolve this problem, I’m starting up a new feature of Bites from other Blogs, so that you can all check out some of the recipes that have caught my eye recently and – assuming that your own list isn’t too out of control yet – give them a try, even if I don’t have a chance to try them for a while.

Finally, if you’re not in the mood for cooking, you can vicariously indulge in some deep-fried fair food at the Indiana State Fair, where both Deep Fried Pepsi and 12-inch corndogs are staples (Deep Fried Pepsi, if you haven’t heard of it before, is funnel cake¬†batter that uses pepsi instead of water or milk. It caught on after the popularity of Deep Fried Coke last summer).

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  • Courtney
    August 22, 2007

    Ugh, let’s not even get started on just how many recipes I have bookmarked. They just started out randomly bookmarked. Then there got to be too many, so I created a “recipes to try” folder. Then that got out of control, so now under recipes to try I have “breakfast” “bread” “dessert” “main” “side”, and am thinking about adding a “quick bread” folder as I never know if they should be with bread breakfast or dessert. Plus I have a “recipe keepers” folder too, for all the ones I have tried and know I will make again.

    Plus on top of that blogs like yours that stick to a “theme” I look through all the time when I feel like baking from what I have on hand.

    It’s really getting rediculous.

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