Jumbo Sprinkles

jumbosprinkles.JPGPerusing the baking aisles at a local craft-type store over the weekend, I noticed that Wilton’s new jumbo sprinkles were being prominently featured. They seem to be made out of the crunchy, shaped sugar that make up the majority of sprinkles, but are cut into much larger pieces. Each one appears to be 2-4 times larger than the average sprinkle! I was tempted to buy them, but once I realized that only a few would be able to fit on top of an average-sized cupcake, I decided to pass in favor of more traditionally-sized sprinkles. They would probably look great when used sparingly on top of a full-sized sheet cake, where they would provide just enough crunch to make it interesting without taking too much attention away from the main attraction.


  1. Wow! Those look like they’d be easier to sweep up off the floor. Thanks for the tip.

  2. In early May I used the star jumbo sprinkles on a half sheet cake with blue sugar glitter to create a starry night scene. Fairly easy to pick out certain colors, only used yellow and blue, but a nice effect in the end.

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