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The Great American Bake Sale

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bake for charityThe Great American Bake Sale is a nationwide event to raise awareness of childhood hunger and to raise money to end it. The event isn’t one single bake sale, but many, each done at a local level. From now until August 31st, you can register and host your own bake sale anywhere from a school to a church to a park in your neighborhood. Registering helps people looking to support the GABS to locate your sale, whether they want to join in or just to taste the goodies available. After the sale, you can submit the proceeds and photos from the event. The Food Network, a co-sponsor of the event, is giving away a number of prizes just for participating, though the real value is in helping kids in need.

Rachael Ray is this year’s celebrity spokesperson and is probably almost the perfect choice, considering her popularity. Of course, fans of her show will know that she often states that she doesn’t like to bake/isn’t a good baker, although that’s nothing that a little cake mix (or a good recipe from the archives) can’t help.

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  • Emma
    May 21, 2007

    I’m a long time lurker on your site, but reading this post compelled me to respond. I can think of so many other people — Food Network personalities and otherwise – who would have been much better suited for the spokesperson role. Rachael Ray is completely overexposed and, hopefully, is coming to the end of her 15 minutes of fame. Her recipes are neither healthy nor delicious and her repeated reminders that she isn’t a baker does not a Great American Bake Sale spokesperson make. In fact, she claims to be such a terrible baker that she can’t even manage a boxed mix.

    I guess being Oprah’s lapdog works in mysterious ways.

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