Reeses Pieces Eggs, reviewed

easter candy innardsAs much as I enjoy Easter candy, even the newer ones don’t really surprise me like they used to when I was a kid. Perhaps I’ve just become a bit jaded, as the “limited edition” this and “New!!!” that don’t seem nearly as special or new as they should. I will admit that I was surprised, however, when I first bit into one of the Reeses Pieces Eggs in my basket of Easter goodies this morning.

The candy eggs were smooth and shiny, with a thicker “shell” than some of the other candy-coated eggs out there. I expected to find chocolate and peanut butter inside, as the eggs were fairly large and seemed to have room for more than one filling. The surprising part was that they only contained peanut butter.

The crunchy shell and the melt-in-your-mouth filling contrasted well, but these tasted especially good when I paired them with a small piece of plain chocolate, rather than just eating them on their own. I don’t think that I would have gone out of my way before Easter to pick these up, but that being said, I would certainly think about picking up a package if they’re out at a post-Easter sale.


  1. I have been searching EVERYWHERE for these! I found them and then they disappeared… and I didn’t buy them at the time because I figured they would be easily found after Easter. I was wrong :(. I am so bummed!!

  2. Chloe… same exact situation happened with me.

    I hope they won’t be discontinued so that I may go from town to town and buy ‘em all before next Easter!

  3. Do you mind if I ask where you found these reese’s pieces eggs? I’ve looked everywhere!

  4. Kim – I usually find them at Target, but I’ve seen them at some drug stores (CVS, etc) as well.

  5. I got some of these, I bought them expired. Do I continue eating? I have no other options do I?

  6. Sam – Unless they’re really old, I think they’ll be fine. I’d probably keep eating them after the exp date as long as they tasted ok.

  7. I love these! I got them for Easter and I thought they were chocolate eggs until I bit into one. I was so happy because I love reeses pieces.

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