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Peter Pan peanut butter problem resolved

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peanutbutter_peterpan.JPGPeanut butter lovers were shaken when ConAgra recalled their popular Peter Pan brand of peanut butter several weeks ago due to a salmonella outbreak. The recall affected all peanut butter that had been made in ConAgra’ Georgia plant since 2004, which meant that just about every single jar in consumers’ homes had to be thrown out or returned to the company. Peanut butter sandwiches and peanut butter cookies suddenly made people nervous, especially after more than 400 people – possibly far more – became ill after eating the brand’s peanut butter.

Fortunately for those who are fans of Peter Pan, which is the no. 3 selling brand of peanut butter in the US, ConAgra has finally pinpointed the source of the contamination: moisture unexpectedly got into the production line and allowed for the growth of low levels of salmonella. The problem has been fixed and the factory in Georgia will be reopening, once again producing safe peanut butter for fans.

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  • Music to my ears! Good to hear. The question is now- How long before I’ll get my hands on a jar of PP PB?

  • Barbara Denver
    September 3, 2007

    I have been searching the counters for months thinking Peter Pan would be back on the shelves since they identified the source of Salmonella. I was eating from a jar with the same lot number advertised, and my husband said, “I don’t think we should be eating that. I told Him, I’ve been eating from it for several days, but he insisted on returning the jar to the store. I tried various brands of peanut butter, but they weren’t Peter Pan. Finally, last week my store had them on the shelf, and I bought a large one. My husband asked, “Do you think they are safe?” My answer was, “If they are back on the shelves, they are safe. Peter Pan would not go through that again!! Thanks so much for giving me back my favorite creamy peanut butter. All the other brands were so dry. My dog, Snuggles and I, enjoy Peter Pan peanut butter at night on Ritz crackers! Now we have our nightly snack back! Thanks again!

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