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Chocolate-covered croutons

chocolate covered croutonsCroutons are small pieces of bread – usually cubes - that are toasted and used to garnish soups and salads. A variety of cheeses and spices are often incorporated for an extra kick of flavor. Chocolate is not generally one of these components, but a company called Marcy’s, which specializes in salad dressings and croutons, has decided that the time for chocolate and croutons to come together. They actually sell gourmet chocolate covered croutons. The croutons start with a slightly spiced bread base, which is dipped in a generous layer of smooth dark chocolate. The overall effect is a sweet-salty one, and Marcy’s recommends pairing them with ice cream, yogurt and fruity dishes. You can even serve them straight for dessert with coffee or wine.

They’re probably not the best choice as a soup garnish, but I would give them a try in a really spicy chili, preferably one with a strong smokey (possibly chipotle) flavor where the sweetness of the chocolate could balance the dish while the bread adds crunch.

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  • melissa
    October 26, 2007

    I love the chocolate + salty combination, but the thought of these just makes me gag. There is a step too far…

  • Grace
    October 28, 2007

    I’m a fan of mixing salty and sweet – this snack sounds right up my alley!

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