A semi-successful mousse

In the neverending search for healthier desserts, I tried making a mousse with yogurt instead of whipping cream. I was inspired by my frozen yogurt recipe, which tastes wonderful even before it’s frozen. I found a CIA recipe for Chocolate Yogurt Mousse, so it seemed like the idea wasn’t entirely farfetched, but I wanted to make use of the fresh strawberries I had.

The upshot of all this is that I got a great tasting mousse – on the top of the dish. A bit of egg white separated into the bottom of each dish, which was less of a problem for smaller servings and more of a problem for larger ones. I refrigerated the mousse for several hours before serving it, but next time I’ll try freezing it to see if  it will completely hold together.


  1. that looks very apatizing for me!!!

  2. hi…just wondering, any intentions of making a tim-tam kind of biscuit?? i just had a pack yesterday and have been searching everywhere for a recipe!! :(

  3. Hello — If the mousse wants to separate, I wonder if a bit of gelatin would help stabilize it? Or agar-agar, if you don’t like to use gelatin … although I don’t really know how agar works …

    By the way, this is my first comment on your blog — I’ve only been reading for about a week, but I found your recipe index and have made foccacia. I think I’m hooked now. Thanks!

    – Monica

  4. Dilek – Thanks!

    Fran – I think that Tim Tams would be a real challengs. Who knows – maybe I’ll give it a shot!

    Monica – I’m glad that you’re enjoying my blog. I want to keep the texture nice and soft, which is why I was hoping to not have to use gelatin. But if it’s the only way… I guess I’ll experiment more.,

  5. I would just stick to smaller portions =) This looks and sounds great.

    And I’d love to see your take on Tim Tams. Poor people. You guys should lobby your local supermarket!

  6. Nic,
    I have a recipe for lime mousse and it is so light you forget the fat, also very fresh for summer! Let me know if you are interested an I can pass it to you. I am supposed to watch my cholesterol, I’m 32, it’s a family thing. I can’t pass everything up but try to be good as much as I can. This looked like a good, healthy choice for summer tho’.

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