SHF# 10: Homemade Violet Crumble

My entry for this month’s Sugar High Friday┬ácomes from my addiction to Violet Crumble.

Ok, ok. I am overstating things a bit. It’s not an addiction because, frankly, it has always been difficult to get the stuff in the States. Fortunately for me, it is becoming much more common in stores and markets.

Violet Crumble is Australia’s most famous candy bar. It is a delicate, crisp honeycomb enrobed in creamy milk chocolate. It was first sold in the 1920s by Abel Hoadley of Hoadley’s Chocolates, later acquired by Nestle Australia. Hoadley originally wanted to call his unique candy “Crumble” after the way that it breaks apart, but this was an unprotectable name. His wife, an avid gardener, inspired the addition of Violet to the name, after both her favorite flowers and the color of the wrapper.

This starts with a syrup of sugar, corn syrup and honey. After it is cooked, baking soda is added to create bubbles. My recipe came from the Gourmet Cookbook and I have to say that I am not entirely satisfied. I wanted it to be lighter and less dense, though the flavor is great. I’ll be trying this again and probably adding more baking soda in an attempt to get closer to the commercially made version.

Update: Seattlest posted a great recipe for Violet Crumble that you can try if you want to make your own attempt at the candy.


  1. One of my favorite on-line stores,
    Hometown Favorites, carries the candy, if you’re interested.

  2. An addiction to violet crumbles hey? I didnt realise they were hard to get in the states though. Do you get there antithesis the crunchie too?

    The honeycomb has always come out much higher when ever I have made it, there musnt have been enough bi carb soda.

    You can make Hokey Pokey ice cream now! mix small lumps of the honeycomb through ice cream and you done, but that is definately an N.Z. invention.

    Good Job as always Nic

  3. Stephanie – Thanks for the tip! I’m seeing it more often than I used to , but a reliable source is great!

    Clare – I love Crunchies! Stirring honeycomb into ice cream sounds like a great idea. Certainly as nice as Tim Tam ice cream! I’ll give it a shot once I get a better batch of honeycomb.

  4. (now for my Homer Simpson “Donut” moment….)

    oooooooohhhhhhhh….Violet Crumble! Yummy…..

  5. lol
    Nic you know if I could post you some Tim Tam Ice cream I would! hehehe

  6. Helen (AugustusGloop)

    I always forget how “Australian” honeycomb is! Maybe that’s the reason why I’ve never tried making my own! =)

    Well done you, though. I think these look great!

  7. I feel so unAustralian when I say I prefer Crunchies to Violet Crumbles. I only know 1 other person who agrees with me, the rest yell angrily at me! Yes, I acknowledge the honeycomb is far better in a Violet Crumble, but the quality of the chocolate (and the thickness of it) is superior in a Crunchie. Overall I think it’s a better package.
    PS – I hope you won’t mind if I post my SHF entry on Australian Saturday? It should still be Friday where you are I hope. I have to rush to a rehearsal now and won’t have time to write it up till tomorrow.

  8. Hi Nic,

    This is my first participation. Entry can be found at

    Thanks for hosting!

    Chris (Chubby Cat)

  9. I’ve never heard of Violet Crumbles before. But then, before I started blogging I never heard of Tim Tams, either. (You Aussies get all the good chocolate, LOL.) This sounds/looks wonderful. I’ll have to try it.

    If the candy is honey and chocolate, anyone know why they’re called Violet Crumbles?

  10. I had never heard of these before, but they sound great. Where does the “violet” in the name come from?

  11. hi nic, crunchie vs. violet crumble…that’s a tough one…what a gorgeous idea! can just taste it crumbled over some vanilla ice-cream…

  12. Clare – If only it would make it through customs! Maybe someone will host an event about copying favorite snacks, so I can try to clone Tim Tams (as if that were possible!)

    A.G. – Thanks, I know I wouldn’t make my own if I could walk down to the market and pick some up!

    Niki – That’s fine! And I’m not suprised that chocolate lovers would prefer Crunchies. I’ll take what I can get, of course!

    Amy and Cathy – I’m not sure where it comes from. I’ll try to find out and update my post!

  13. It’s updated!

  14. Oh my gosh- this looks so good! This is my first visit to your blog, and I feel like I’ve stumbled upon the most valuable cookbook I’ve ever seen. In fact, I may go home right now and throw out all the cookbooks I own and use your blog exclusively for ideas on what to bake. Thank you, and I’ll definitely be back!

  15. I have never had crunchies or crumbles. But your creation looks really yummy.

    I did not have success with a honeycomb candy recipe since it turned out tooth-achingly sweet. Are they supposed to be that way???

  16. Kristy – I’m so flattered! Thank you!

    Mika – The chocolate really helps to balance the sweetness. The commercial Violet Crumble is much less sweet than homemade because it’s so light. I’ll keep looking for that elusive balance.

  17. Nic, Goodness, I’ve never heard of this either. It does sound good, though. I’ll have to snap one up if I ever see one. Or, maybe I’ll just wait ’til you perfect the recipe and then give it a try! :)

  18. Hi Nic,
    Gorgeous photo and interesting post as always!

    I’m tagging you for a childhood food memories meme. Can’t wait to read your answers. Have fun!


  19. Thanks for updating the info about the name. I love how I learn something new everytime I visit a blog.

  20. hi nic, thanks so much for hosting SHF this month! here’s my entry:

    GORP Balls

  21. whoops, sorry, i just realized i put my entry in the wrong spot. my apologies:(

  22. Homemade Violet Crumble? Nic you outdid even yourself!

    Thanks for hosting.

    Triple Honey Cheesecake Cups with Honeyed Figs

  23. The purple (violet) colour of the wrapper is legendary in Australia. In fact, there’s a private school in Melbourne with bright purple blazers and yellow piping. Naturally known as the Violet Crumble school. :-)

  24. Ohh, my mom used to make these candies for me when I was weee.

    We’d make honey cake frosted in whipped cream with honeycomb sprinkled all over.


  25. Hi Niki. Even though I was pressed for time, I had fun joining your hosted SHF. It’s in my blog now: Best regards:)

  26. Hey Nic – here’s my entry: results of my honigkoek bake-off :-)


    One more entry. I hope its not too late.

  28. Those look great. Initially I thought those were like the violet creams which are traditional english sweets, but they look even better!

  29. The Violet Crumble sounds and looks wonderful.

    Thanks for hosting and sharing all the wonderful entries. I thought there would be a number of baklava recipes so I didn’t make one. Instead I chose a honey cake – who knew there could be so many variations.

  30. Hi Nic – sorry I didn’t take part this time – honey is one of those things I really don’t care for too much, unless I am in greece and they put it on my yoghurt.

    I don’t like Violet Crumble but I am a big fan of Crunchies – we get them at our local BevMo in San Rafael.
    I used to make honeycomb when I was a kid but we never actually put honey in it. Just sugar as I recall.


  31. The version that I always used ( I searchhed and found it!) was
    5 tbsp sugar
    2 tbsp golden syrup
    1 tsp Baking soda

    Put sugars into a saucepan and heat gently stirring occasionaly until sugar dissolves. Increase heat and bring to the boil. Boil for 2 mins, stir occasionaly if necessary to prevent burning. Remove from heat and add baking soda. Stir quickly til the mixture froths up. Pour into a buttered tin immediately. leave til cold and hard. Break into pieces.

    I dont know if that is different to your version but I hope it helps :)

  32. Nic – my husband has been drooling over your violet crumble since you posted on Friday…I think I am going to be making it for him very soon.

    Thanks so much for hosting SHF this month – drench in honey was such a sweet way to spend this past weekend. You did a great job both with your own entry and the round-up…oh honey, you shouldn’t have!

  33. I also live in LA and Violet Crumbles are readily available at both Bristol Farms and Cost Plus stores.

  34. It wasn’t until recently that I knew that my favorite childhood candy, “sea foam,” was available as a candy bar (Violet Crumble). Sea Foam is almost the same, although sometimes it’s thicker & the consistency varies. I’m glad for the recipe.

  35. yummy

  36. We have a similar candy in South Africa made by Beacon Sweets it is simply called a Crunchy.

    I have always wondered how to make it so I did a google search and found you guys!

    Going to go and make my own now !


  37. Nic-
    I’m drooling over this… I tried making a different recipe yesterday and it didn’t work so I went on the hunt for another version. I saw your posting, but I can’t find the recipe itself… where is it?
    -Desperately seeking Violet Crumble

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  39. Rohan Hendrickson

    The Violet Crumble will no longer be imported to the USA because the wrapper does not give the “trans fat” value and Nestle refuses to reprint the wrapper. Thanks Nestle.

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