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Trader Joe’s Blushing Apple Tart, reviewed

Trader Joe's Blushing Apple Tart, reviewed
Desserts that have some extra color are always eye-catching. Food coloring is usually the source of bright colors in desserts, but in the case of Trader Joe’s Blushing Apple Tart, the color is all natural. This tart is a newer item from the frozen dessert section of Trader Joe’s. The pink of the apples on the box caught my eye as I was walking up the aisle. The red-fleshed apples are all natural and their unique color is what sets this simple tart apart from other desserts

Trader Joe's Blushing Apple Tart, reviewed

This dessert is a tart made with a puff pastry base that is filled with almond cream and topped with thin slices of apple. As is the case with most frozen desserts, I was worried that the tart crust would not bake through completely in the oven, but the baking directions were accurate and my tart crust baked up to be crisp and flaky. The frangipane layer was not overly thick and it had a wonderful almond flavor that complimented the apples without overpowering them, so the tart felt very balanced. The apples kept their color during baking and became tender, so it was easy to slice through them once it was time to serve the tart.

The tart is relatively thin and only about 8-inches square (approximately). When I picked up the box, I was happy to see that one package was meant to deliver four servings. This makes each slice generous – and it also means that every piece is going to have the same amount of crust, filling and apples.

I enjoyed this tart and thought it had a nice homemade feel to it, making it perfect for treating yourself on a casual weeknight. That said, it’s still impressive to look at, so you could bring it out at a small dinner party if you want to serve something simple. The tart is not too sweet and pairs well with whipped cream or ice cream when served warm. I would get this one again – and I would definitely keep my eye out for some pink-fleshed apples so that I could recreate it from scratch, too!

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